On 30 Mar Sgt Constable was Troop Sergeant of the leading troop advancing north towards ODING.

On reaching the woods two thousand yards south of the village the troop was heavily engaged by small arms fire and Panzer-Fausts. The troop leader riding in the second tank was killed and his tank knocked out. Another tank was also knocked out.

Sgt Constable took charge of the remaining two tanks and continued to advance to the outskirts of the village where he encountered a road block and considerable resistance.

He was wounded in the jaw by shrapnel, but continued to engage the enemy at close range for a period of more than an hour whilst attempts were being made to clear the route behind him to bring up infantry and reinforcements.

Sgt Constable was again wounded in the head, this time seriously. He refused to allow his crew to evacuate him: they were ordered to do so by the Sqn Ldr. At this time the only remaining tank was knocked out.

By his striking example of courage and leadership, Sgt Constable did all in his power, even when twice wounded, to retain the initiative and close with the enemy.

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