It is with regret that the Regimental Association announces the deaths of our members and friends.

Our condolences go to the families and friends of:

NameRegimentDatesDate of Death
Mr N SingletonQRIH1960-691 Jan
Mr D MacKenney4H1945-486 Jan
Maj A Blackshaw, MBE7H/QOH1934-7027 Jan
Mr W Homer3H/8H1936-466 Feb
Mr J Hewes4H1935-617 Feb
Mr M Hickson-Brown, BEM4H/QRIH1942-6120 Feb
Rev R Le Bas Johnson7H1941-464 Mar
Mr S FisherQOH1971-836 Mar
Mr D Edwards4H1939-458 Mar
Capt S Ingram7H1944-469 Mar
Capt JEP Browning8H1948-5810 Mar
Mr W MurphyQRIH1966-7013 Mar
Mr L Whitby7H1950-5219 Mar
Lt Col JE Armstrong4H1923-3724 Mar
Mr MJ Whatmore4H1948-5028 Mar
Mr G Neely8Hunavailable3 Apr
Mr G Dickinson8H1942-4510 Apr
Mr P Sturdy4H/8H1946-5228 Apr
Mr E Coburn7H1953-5929 Apr
Mr W Pittendrigh4H1949-5321 May
Col JB Venner, MC7H/8H1951-5829 May
Mr R FentonQOHunavailable31 May
Mr C Hodd4H/8H/QRIHunavailable1 Jun
Mr A CargillQOH1961-784 Jun
Mr M HonessQOH/QRIHunavailable12 Jun
Mr J Borland8Hunavailable19 Jun
Mr R Morris7H/QOH1939-5824 Jun
Mr G Read3H1928-4117 Jul
Mr J Ashley7H1946-4819 Jul
Mr S Clark3H/8H1936-4231 Jul
Mr G Goldsmith7H/QOH1955-7929 Aug
Mr E Gray7H1946-5712 Oct
Mr W Carroll3H1950-5827 Oct
Mr D Ricardo8H/QRIHunavailableNov
Lt SW Agnew7H1943-45Dec
Mr A Adams3H1947-48Dec
Mr A Woodthorpe3H1932-392 Dec
Mr D Price8H1943-456 Dec
Mr A Harben3H1938-4612 Dec
Mr H Dutton7H1939-4618 Dec
Mr D Burke8H1949-5320 Dec