On 17 Sep 44 at MERKERN near ANTWERP Sgt Wilson’s troop was in observation of the line of the ALBERT canal. He was encountering spasmodic mortaring and sniping.

Information having been received from civilian sources that there were 100 Germans in among the factories on the North side of the Canal, Sgt Wilson determined to carry out a closer reconnaissance as, up to that time, no troops had been across the canal in that area.

Enlisting the assistance of a civilian and securing a rickety boat and one paddle, he effected a slow and laborious crossing of the canal in broad day light. He then patrolled for 300 yards along the bank and located an enemy outpost. Retiring the way he had came, he brought up his tank into a suitable position, and destroyed the enemy post by direct fire.

Sgt Wilson showed total disregard for his own safety and by his initiative and offensive action he inflicted a number of casualties on the enemy.

Cmdg 8th Hussars

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