It is with regret that the Regimental Association announces the deaths of our members and friends.

Our condolences go to the families and friends of:

NameRegimentDatesDate of Death
Mr NJ Aisthorpe8H1949-5330 Jan
Capt JP Webb7H1950-521 Feb
Mr SSA Wilson8H1933-391 Feb
Mr RV Martin8Hunavailable2 Feb
Mr R FletcherQOHunavailable3 Feb
Mr J Brown4H1937-469 Feb
Mr E Dunn4H/QRIH1948-7215 Feb
Mr AP SmithQRIH1959-7222 Feb
Mr S MillarQOH1967-7624 Feb
Mr RC Bennett3H1952-5429 Feb
Lt Col EA KynastonQOHunavailableMar
Maj DG O’Neill7H1933-4511 Apr
Mr EA Winterton4H1944-6812 Apr
Mr SL Clarke8Hunavailable18 Apr
Mr R HoustonQOH1969-7720 Apr
Mr VC CamlinQRIHunavailable24 Apr
Mr F Barnes3Hunavailable7 May
Maj JA Comyn, MBE8H1935-4513 May
Lt Col FH Howard3H1946-5513 May
Mr AMJ Stenhouse4H1949-5418 May
Capt JAL Philips4Hunavailable24 May
Mr WA Westecott3H1928-4919 Jun
Maj ACM Savage3H1948-593 Jul
Mr AJ Townsend3H/8H1935-4615 Jul
Mr J Joyce4H1934-4517 Jul
Mr EJ Bender8H1940-4617 Jul
Mr G Pallent4H1948-5321 Jul
Mr J Frisby7H1930-4324 Jul
Mr H RobinsonQOHunavailableAug
Capt AZ Koziol3H1941-4723 Aug
Mr E Oliver3H/QOH1946-6930 Aug
Mr AA Somerville3H1921-28Sep
Lt Col FCH Pavitt, MBE8H/QRIH1946-7623 Sep
Mr D FosterQRIHunavailableOct
Mr J Adams7Hunavailable7 Oct
Mr HD Medley4HunavailableNov
Mr T Meechen3H1942-4329 Nov
Mr E Oliver, MBE3H/QOH1946-49Dec
Mr DR Baldwin8H1948-536 Dec